Over two decades of real-world experience in Japan working for some of the biggest and best domestic Japanese and global firms* might sound impressive, but it’s the work that counts. Although I can’t share most of what I’ve done over the years due to non-disclosure agreements, here is a brief list of my certifications, associations and memberships, and samples that can be shared with the general public.


Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 1 (highest) • Kanji Kentei (Kanji proficiency test), Level 3


JAT (Japan Association of Translators) • Proz • LinkedIn


Tourism (Japanese to English, standard level, PDF, 123K) • Designer's Profile (English to Japanese, standard level, PDF, 172K) • 「一つの反省」 (English translation of an essay originally written by composer Fumio Hayasaka, advanced level, PDF, 426K)


“We fully relied on Jeff's technical knowledge, experience with clients, attention to detail and positive attitude with each project. Jeff consistently demonstrated his deep desire to make each project a success, and his communication skills with both Japanese- and English-speaking clients showed a level of great respect for people, a willingness to learn and understand new concepts, and a superior degree of teamwork and inventive thinking.”

—Yasuyuki Abe, Ishida Taiseisha Inc.

“Jeff's translations were the touchstone for quality... He was the authority to consult with when the translation team became unstuck and his advice was always informed, practical, and backed up with sound reasoning. ...I can say that one of Jeff's most admirable characteristics is his genuineness. He's a man of his word who delivers if he says he will.”

—Stuart Ayre, Barbican Translations

“In my planning, system and content development work with Jeff at Ishida Taiseisha (ITP) for a major automotive industry client, Jeff directed sales, creative, planning, and development teams in global projects to support our client's strategic business initiatives. Jeff was the natural leader on projects requiring substantial cross-cultural and cross-functional collaboration and execution. His tireless work ethic, ability to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, and skill in applying technological knowledge to achieve practical results, allow me to suggest Jeff as a valuable partner on worldwide systems and content development projects.”

—Kevin Burnett

“Jeff is truly one of the most helpful people I've ever worked with... always willing to lend a helping hand where and when it is needed.”

—Bruce Dailey, Young's Market Co.